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Covid’s Affect on Offices of the Future

As of late, we have been forced to look towards what offices of the future may look like. As Covid-19 has been tearing through the world at a historic rate, most have realized Covid will have a lasting affect on the offices of the future. People around the world have been trying to figure out what the lasting implications will be. Particularly, we are interested in how this global phenomenon affects how and where we work. For years, employees have been told that they cannot work remotely and to show up to the office from 9-5, but the rules have seemingly changed overnight.

While most work to speculate when things will “go back to normal”, we’re working to find the “new normal”. The 20 year trend of progressively packing workers into smaller and smaller workspaces is coming to a halt. Now, the days of dozens of employees working within reach of another and sitting in the bullpen for days on end may be over. 

The New Normal

We believe that the overnight shift to remote teams and remote workers is poised to become the new normal. With many employees now working from home, only the most essential members of a company, such as executives and managers, will be required to work from the same physical location. Because of this, the need for large corporate offices will begin to dwindle. 

With these assumptions in mind, the offices of the future are going to be smaller and more focused. The 10,000 square foot space you and your employees used to work out of, can now be reduced to 1,500 sq/ft or even less. 

Post Covid-19 Offices

Picture this; you have three executives (each with an assistant), two team managers and thirty employees who now work almost entirely remotely. The new spatial requirements have shrunk significantly. 

Your office now looks like this:

  • 4 private offices
    • Three executive suites for the exec’s and their assistants
    • A single office shared by both managers
  • Two meeting rooms
    • For bringing your employees in for weekly updates, workshops and more.

The future of workspaces is going to be dependent on your employees working remotely. Now that people have gotten a taste of working outside the office, it will prove difficult to return to the office day in and day out. By allowing your employees to remain working remotely, you will get ahead of the curve and enjoy the benefits of happier employees. Additionally, retaining a physical office is still key to productivity and running the company for management. Also, having a place for employees to congregate for important meetings, workshops and more is essential.

When looking to make the transition, consider Reflex Suites. Our shared workspaces model is designed for workspaces of the future. Our spaces include your meeting rooms, conference rooms, kitchens and more, and the best part is, you only pay for the space you use. Make the change today and let us help you transition into a modern, streamlined business.

This article was originally featured at Happy Hour Business

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