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Why You Should Host a Networking Event

It’s no secret that networking is essential to entrepreneurial success. Networking and engaging with like-minded people helps to keep up morale as an entrepreneur and gives you a reason to leave the desk. Many of us have attended a networking event or two over the course of starting a business, but have you ever thought to start your own? Here’s why you should start your own networking event.

Gain Credibility

As you’re growing your business, you and your business may struggle with credibility. It’s only natural for people to question someone or something new. Giving yourself a leg up on the competition through running a networking event is a great way to get connected and be seen as a major player in your community.

Set the Environment

How many of us have been to a networking event that practically put you to sleep? Networking should be more than wearing a tie, swapping business cards and frantically shaking hands with strangers. By hosting your own networking event you can set up the environment to be proactive, engaging and genuine. Help steer connections through real conversations and not just 50 people in a room asking “so what do you do?”.

Connect Others

This is a big one. As the age old adage says, what goes around comes around. Work to be the “connector” so to speak in your community. Instead of focusing on your personal connections, focus on connecting the people around you. By prioritizing others, you are setting yourself up as a pillar in the community. Your reputation will begin to precede you and will help to find new opportunities. 


Giving yourself a reason and routine to network is essential to actually growing your network. It’s too easy to procrastinate and skip your weekly networking event or to just stop going at all. By hosting an event, it not only forces you to grow your network, but keeps you engaged in doing so. Ultimately, hosting your own networking event will lead to new opportunities and open doors every step of the way.

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