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Executive Suites are the Future of Coworking

It’s no secret that coworking has been trending in real estate for the past decade. However, with the rise of covid, the only way forward looks to be taking a step back. Executive Suites are the future of coworking. Open floor plans with community workstations, cafeteria style tables plastered with outlets to plug in your laptops, and the practice of providers stuffing their space with as many members as possible are over. 

Social distancing doesn’t look to be going anywhere. And with it, the coworking model is no longer efficient for consumers or providers. The classic model of executive suites naturally abides by social distancing. 

What are Executive Suites

Executive Suites is the buttoned up, white collar sibling of coworking. In place of benches, ping pong tables and beer are private offices, conference rooms and meeting rooms. Additionally, Executive Suites operate like coworking memberships in that they can be month to month or short term rentals in comparison to their traditional lease counterparts. 

Furthermore, no more walking in a picking a desk and no more cramped workspaces. Executive suites allow you to safely travel to your own office where you can be uninterrupted and safety distanced from any peers in the facility. This is why executive suites are the future of coworking.

With the pandemic and post pandemic world ahead of us, executive suites are making a comeback. When you’re searching for your next workspace, consider the benefits of an executive suites style facilities.

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